current observations

This current election is promising to be one of the most colorful we have seen in quite some time. There is a dearth of capable candidates on the side of the republicans. We have a rich capitalist that is quick to latch on to any position that he believes will help him win in Mitt Romney. In Newt Gingrich we find a man who was fined for corruption, has a revolving charge account with Tiffany’s and is on his third wife. Lastly we have Rick Santorum who is attempting to relate to the working class and feed their animosity towards anyone who lives or thinks differently than they themselves do.

What we are sorely lacking in any of these candidates is a spirit of diplomacy. This is a frightening prospect in the world we currently live in. As tensions escalate in the middle east we need cool heads to prevail. Now more than ever we need a president with an intimate knowledge of world affairs and relations or at least a willingness to learn them. As it is we have become a country at odds with itself with a spirit of  deadlock in our own congress. It appears that both these trials have the common threads of money and power.

The imminent danger is the prospect of letting multinational corporations rule the world. The same entities that are capable of the most good are the ones that are capable of the greates evil. If we let power and money motivate our actions it will lead to a cycle of imminent class warfare and destruction. The United States should no longer police the world. We need to inspire our allies by showing them how a democracy can work together for the good of the common man. This can start with reigning in the power that these multinational corporations wield. To allow them unlimited air time in the realm of political  sway is eerily reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984.

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” – Thomas Jefferson

More next week, tune in!

Also—Put down that cell phone and DRIVE!—Jake Shween

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