Centerton Arkansas July Fourth 2012; Civil Unrest Beyond Party Lines

As we celebrate this Independence Day and what the celebration represents we should never forget that men died to uphold the original Declaration of Independence. Often it seems that the original dream has been clouded by hot dog eating contests and fireworks displays when the true celebration should be a remembrance of the brave, prescient and independent thinkers whom in 1776 drafted a document against the oppresion caused by the British Empire. The king of England being entirely removed from their plight, their needs and ignorance of their ability to govern on their own.

Our present situation seems to very much echo the same dissatisfaction of 1776. Our current leaders and governing legislatures have clearly lost touch with what the heartbeat of the country is foreboding. This feeling of our failed leadership goes beyond party lines. People are just plain fed up with rhetoric, lies and being treated like they are stupid! The time is coming where if something doesn’t change for the better and change damn quickly, the people will rise up in a mass protest and demand a new government. Gone will be the lying congressmen and senators who are representing their lobbyists and denying the best paths of action for their people and the environment. Gone will be the senators and congressmen with no backbone who are afraid of alienating any constituents for fear of losing reelection in their repective state or district. The time for action is now the people can’t take any more. Patience is very thin. The people know when the politicians are lying now. They know when they are saying anything to get elected and are quite inauthentic.

Sad that in our democracy we needed to reach such desperate times to read the pulse of the people. For far too long the two party system has clogged up the works. Greed has permeated the beltway and the stink of this greed has reached every citizen of the United States. Greed is not good! Greed destroys families and greed destroys the planet. No one can foretell the future precisely but if something doesn’t change and change damn quickly there will be big changes inside the beltway and a lot of legislators and lobbyists out of work. Maybe they can qualify for food stamps. Who can say? The situation is grave and desperate. The drafters of the Declaration of Independence paid in blood. Will it come to that again?

Get off the cell phone and Drive! — Jake Shween

2 thoughts on “Centerton Arkansas July Fourth 2012; Civil Unrest Beyond Party Lines

  1. Dear Writer,
    Do the people know they are being lied to? Politicians are practiced puppeteers at casting shadows against the cave wall. Why? Because they still have a captive audience who believes the shadows are real. It is only a few who turn around to see where the light comes from. Dear Writer, do not stop…heads will turn.

  2. People are tired of the lies and know it is time for change. But who will lead that change? The more people are made aware of the “real” world and issues going on then the time will come for a revolution. It’s sad to think though that the only way to invoke change for the better might have to come in the form of a fight, battle, and as you say, “paid in blood.”

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