Showdown at the NRA Corral

The time has come for the sane people of this country to take a stand against the violence that has intruded into our lives. We can no longer ignore the outbreaks of violence and death that occur every single day in this country of free thinkers. It is absolutely outrageous that the National Rifle Association can suggest that the solution to the violent deaths caused by firearms every day is by arming more people. An analogy to this would be like suggesting that the solution to stupidity is, by golly, more damn stupidity. Bravo NRA you have truly outworn your welcome.

What started as an honorable society to promote hunting, conservation of wildlife through population control as well as marksmanship has turned into a far right wing organization that defends the right of American citizens to own military killing machines. These are the assault weapons that have been center stage in our most recent spree of heinous and nightmarish murders. These are murders that made policemen and firemen, our fellow citizens that we have hired and have sworn to protect us, our most valiant breed of first responders, sick and horrified at the scenes of these crimes.  If we are truly a civilized country as we claim to be we shall stop right now and make drastic changes to these ridiculous gun laws that we have in place.

We have watched as the NRA has taken the interests of sportsmen and twisted them into the interests of right wing survivalists. Twisting the Second Amendment of the Constitution into a self serving violent clause when at the time it was written it was meant to prevent a possible British insurgency from retaking the country we fought so hard to free in the Revolutionary war. It is time for the saner of us to step up and tell these bad children to step down and admit that the solution is not more guns at all but to put an end to the dispersion and apparent hoarding of such killing devices into the hands of every schmoe who has legs to walk into a gun shop or gun show and slap money down and buy them.

The NRA in its despotic behavior has purchased venal Congressmen who have enacted legislation rendering the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms impotent to protect us by simply enforcing many of the gun laws that are currently on the books! We need to wake up and take action. We can cite the examples of how gun laws can and do work by comparing the United States to such countries as Japan and Great Britain where due to very strict gun law enforcement these crimes hardly occur. This is a problem whose time has come. Stand up and be counted!

Mental bearing (calmness), not skill, is the sign of a matured samurai. A Samurai therefore should neither be pompous nor arrogant.” — Tsukahara Bokuden.

“Master the divine techniques of the Art of Peace and no enemy will dare to challenge you.” — Ueshiba

Get off the cell phone and Drive! — Jake Shween


1 thought on “Showdown at the NRA Corral

  1. Dear Writer,

    Again, you attempt to open our eyes to the harsh world that smothers us.

    Here is a little something to think about.

    According to the CDC, there were 11,078 deaths as a result of a gun shot wound. There were approximately 3.8 million guns sold.
    The “Auto Fire” toy dart game was recalled after it caused the suffocation deaths of two small boys, aged 9 and 10. 1.8 million of these toys were sold.

    Today we face one of the most heated debates about banning, control and regulation.
    How many people know that gun manufacturers are exempt from any negligence or personal liability lawsuits? That protection was placed into law in 2005. I don’t remember who was President then, hhmmmm, oh wait… I think he was Republican.

    The NRA has lost it’s mind. And its about to lose any credibility it has left if they don’t stop the fringe from getting out of hand. The folks that preach the end times may be the ones who bring it. Torches lit, pitchforks in hand and semi automatic weapons slung over a shoulder.

    Keep bringing the truth Dear Writer…even if you only change one mind at a time.

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