Breitbart Passes & Limbaugh Blows Gasses

Sadly, last Thursday the blogging community lost one of their main sources of vitriol and controversy with the early demise of Andrew Breitbart at the young age of 43. He was a dynamic voice for the right wing haters and the conservative movement in general.  It was his work that was instrumental in exposing Anthony Weiner and his Twitter escapades. He was a bit of a paradox as he was also an avid supporter of gay rights and assisted in helping Arianna Huffington establish The Huffington Post. He was known to be “selective” with the truth as with his edited video of Shirley Sherrod, a former Agricultural Department official who was fired for a seemingly racist comment at an event held for the N.A.A.C.P.. The editing  displayed her as being discriminatory which was in fact not the case. The entire video if viewed showed her as overcoming her prejudices towards a white farmer. This was typical of his journalistic practices and his tireless devotion to what he perceived as the truth. This illustrates the importance of getting the whole story before jumping to conclusions!

Enter Rush Limbaugh whom Al Franken coined as “a big fat idiot”. This is exactly what this man is. His radio show reaches many more people than Breitbart’s blogs ever could. He incites his followers, or as he calls them, “dittoheads” with blatant stupidity reflective of his own lack of conscience or wisdom. It is sad that Clear Channel Communications stands behind his reputation and it clearly shows how desperate land based radio has become to retain listener-ship. SiriusXM should offer him his own private and perverse channel to reach his “dittoheads” and take him off any station where a young child could hear his ridiculous ranting. Sad it is that in our time  free radio should be reduced to pandering to such imbeciles as Rush Limbaugh. We should applaud the advertisers that pull their support of his lunacy as well as the stations that will no longer broadcast such hateful nonsense!

“I profoundly believe it takes a lot of practice to become a moral slob.”William F. Buckley Jr.

Get off the Cell Phone and DRIVE! — Jake Shween

1 thought on “Breitbart Passes & Limbaugh Blows Gasses

  1. This is very cool. Nice edge to it. You might put names (Rush Limbaugh, Al Franken) in bold face to set them off in the copy. You could do the same with the quotes you put at the bottom, i.e. Buckley, to set that apart, too. Nice job. I enjoy this.


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