Hemp, Horsemeat & Tupac Rubio Da G

Let’s grow hemp in Kentucky. We need a massive project immediately to make hemp the largest Kentucky cash crop. It’s way more drought and climate change resistant than corn. It is a totally viable new cash crop. It’s versatile fibers can be used for everything from denim to sheetrock. It has support from the Senate! Kentucky wonder Mitch McConnell has announced support for this agricultural panacea of a plant. Randal Howard Paul is sporting stylish white shirts manufactured from its fashionable fibers. No longer should we stop Woody Harrelson from sowing the seeds of cannabis. We can feed the leaves to all the wonderful horses in Kentucky. Instead of the Run for the Roses it can be the Dash for the Stash!

Speaking of horses they are now on the menu in many European countries masquerading as beef! Through various discreet channels butchers are grinding and slicing up many an old steed to feed their need for meaty treats. Scotland Yard is on the case and it’s not the Hound of the Baskervilles it’s the Old Ponies from Shetland! Imagine the look on your Romanian Uncle’s face when you explain to him that the kebab he’s enjoying is actually an old bony pony from Shropshire! At least in the United States we know where our pink slime comes from. Remember that no part of a steer is wasted in Texas. God forbid that in this great country we would try to misrepresent our fine meat products.

Which brings us to our Cuban Pork Sandwich, Tupac Rubio! Remarkable speech and rebuttal this G man gave last night to the State of the Union address. He was all up in there with the truth as he laid it out for his peeps by defending the need for gold and driving dirty. We need a guy with street cred like Rubio to put all those crackers back in place. Here’s an idea: a new Hip Hop band of Rubio and his Gmen! Think of it! Ted Nugent could establish a machine gun like beat, Rush Limbaugh could spout out the bass and Reince Priebus (Prince Remus) could rap off with Tupac Rubio about how they all give a crap about all you rich white folk sittin’ up there on the hill with your courvoisier and Hos.

“I don’t have no fear of death. My only fear is coming back reincarnated.” — Tupac Shakur

“Mr. Rubio you cannot hide behind that water bottle as you would your Mother’s teat. Your countenance belies your words however much you wish to conceal it.” — Jake Shween

Get off the cell phone and Drive! — Jake Shween

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