Dear Senator You’re Fired

Shame. Shame on you sad senators who are too cowardly to represent the interests of your people. The people of the United States have collectively agreed that we need to upgrade our nation’s gun control laws. Simple common sense would require background checks to insure that mentally unstable persons, not to mention convicted felons, would not be able to purchase guns!

Instead you evil and venal elected officials have once again been led by the nose by the ever present National Rifle Association. You have illustrated again and again that you have no spine to stand up to powerful lobbies and special interests. In reality many of you have become nothing more than highly paid prostitutes. The American citizen is ignored while you spread your legs for your chosen lobby of the week.

This will not stand. The current political climate is changing. Soon you will be out of a job. There are beds waiting for your legislative derriers at the home for old hookers. The best thing would be to take you ignoramuses off of the government payroll immediately!  If you can’t do the job you were elected to do you need to go and go now. In the real working man’s world you would be chopped meat quickly. Tax dollars should be spent wisely and not on a bunch of legislative buffoons!

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” — Winston Churchill

“Get off the cell phone and Drive!” — Jake Shween

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