Save the Dinosaur in the Senate


Recently a very serious situation has developed in the Senate and one of our dearest and most ancient demagogues has become seriously endangered. Senator Addison Mitchell (Mitch) McConnell Jr. is now facing a heated battle being opposed by Alison Lundergan Grimes the crackerjack, feisty Secretary of State of Kentucky. Fortunately Mitch has a crack team of garbage digging cohorts who are scrambling to insure his survival, albeit for the time being, by slinging dirt and generally being the most unwelcoming of opponents possible.

To cap off our dear dinosaur’s dilemma he’s facing opposition from a member of his own party in the primaries, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hating champion of the illustrious Glenn Beck himself, Matthew Griswold Bevin. This man is a certifiable Teanderthal with credentials coming from the rightest and tightest but not so brightest Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions. He’s already infamous for being against the bank bailout of 2008 that helped save his business thus earning him the affectionate moniker of: Bailout Bevin!

You may recall that Mitch had suffered an apparent ‘Nixonian bugging’ of his office. This happens when you receive a small Nixon doll in the mail, place it on your bookshelf, and the next thing you know Mother Jones is hawking stories about how very evil you actually are with an honest recording of your thugs plotting against anyone who dared to thwart your despotic behavior. Yes Mitch was ‘tricky Dicked’! Now the Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken over. Taxpayer money at work doing the important things like protecting our venal elected despots and preserving their right to preserve their particular special interest group unfettered by ethical behavior and such trifles.

Maybe fellow libertarian/republican junior Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul and ‘Ole Mitch’ can hole up together! They can collect guns, swig whiskey, swap wives and trade stories about shootin’ those yonder revenooers! The Nixon doll will have to go of course. They might be happier with an Ayn Rand doll and maybe a Raggedie Ronnie Reagan. Pull the string on Ayn and she says: “The question isn’t  who is going to let me it’s who is going to stop me!”. Ronnie exhorts when you drop him on his head: “Facts are stupid things!”. Why they can amuse themselves in lockstep together as they contemplate how to hold democracy hostage for their own selfish desires. That is of course after they do something important like blocking any common sense bill on gun control or the possibility of raising the minimum wage etc. etc. etc!

It will be interesting to see where the ‘Dark Money’ takes the ensuing campaign. One thing is for certain and that is the people of Kentucky need to be aware of the facts. They need to show they won’t be boondoggled by a media blitz of lies, lies, lies which is sure to be paid for by a Super PAC of nebulous money which ultimately originates from the Koch brothers and their minions.

Watch Bill Moyers and Company expose ‘Dark Money’ here!

Get off the cell phone and Drive! — Jake Shween

Super Pac Mumbo Jumbo; Sealing Wax and You

Prepare yourselves dear readers for the most obstreperous and blatantly misleading political ads you have ever seen in this election year. The coffers will be opened wide as the giant political machine spews foaming masses of disinformation into our eyes and brains hoping to twist the truth into anything that favors the agenda of convincing us that there is no climate change, the poor deserve to be so and we should strip mine Canada for dirty shale oil just to name of few of the preposterous notions that are supposed to be good for America and will keep us on top of the industrial dung heap that our world is becoming. Don’t expect any truth out of these ads. Sadly their teams of lobbyists and lawyers are able to skirt any enforcement of the Truth in Advertising Laws as enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.

This is a very good time to be the national sales manager of any television station mind you. Television stations will have a very generous stream of revenue as has never been seen before from now until November. Unfortunately for the viewer the stations have little control over the content of the spew they will be airing. Obvious human sacrifice will be illegal of course but slow death by poisoning will still be par for the course. The most ridiculous solutions will be offered for very complex problems by spin doctors who have little or no conscience and but one goal in mind: To get their candidate(s) elected at any cost. Yes that reads ANY COST. Logic and principle will fall by the wayside. In their place will be reckless and unfounded facsimiles of such virtues.

It might be simple if it was only money that was motivating the hoped for results. Sadly it is more than that it is hatred. Hatred is what these warmongers will be spewing at us. Remember the candidate can now say that they have no control over the Super Pac and thus wash their hands with scented soap as the spin machine rolls on spewing poison. Dear readers guard yourselves carefully against propaganda. Keep in mind this is eerily similar to what brought the nazi party to power in the last century. The deficit this country has now is a direct result of the administration that started two wars and slashed the taxes for the rich. Don’t be deceived by disinformation. Hopefully, one day, this country will learn from past mistakes and lead the global community by example instead of imposing the will of the so-called Christian conservatives on the world. It is fine and just to adhere to moral principles but please make sure that they are just that: “moral”.

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes and ships and sealing wax of cabbages and kings and why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.” — Lewis Carroll

“You don’t have to create it; You just have to reveal it.” — Paul Simon

Get off the cell phone and Drive! — Jake Shween

Government For Sale To The Highest Bidder

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens v. Federal Election Commission this upcoming election is sure to bring us a record number of ads supporting either candidate for President. Brace yourself for an overwhelming barrage of mudslinging before this Novembers election. This is certain to make the advertising coffers full for the countries’ advertisers but it is sure to distort the peoples’ views on who should be elected. The danger is in the fact that we now have corporate interests in control more than ever in peoples’ mindsets. Not only are we told what to buy, how we should look and what we should laugh at we will now be instructed on how we should think, who we should trust and why it’s good for industry to rape the environment.

It is quite apropos that this comes in on the heels of the country wide anti-bullying campaign. What better way to prove our stance against bullying than to let the corporations battle it out for our loyalties and bully us through the media. Once again the court system has failed us. Instead of supporting the rights of the people the Supreme Court has openly declared war on the popular vote by opening the door for the Super PAC. Surely there is a better way to disseminate information to the people than through a barrage of mudslinging and distorted facts.To make matters worse, if possible, the majority of Super PAC contributors are actually wealthy individuals which further illustrates their underlying private interests. Shame on the Supreme Court for not standing up to the corporate bully.

Thus our ideal of “Government by the People, for the People” as stated so eloquently by Abraham Lincoln  has been desecrated. Perhaps our new slogan should be “Government for sale to the highest bidder” or “Corporations rule now step aside”. What promises will be made in order to garner large contributions? With the environment in peril can the country afford to relax instead of strengthen environmental regulation? Sure the oil sands project in Canada will create jobs but it will also cause deforestation rivaling that of the destruction of the rainforests. Will it lower oil prices? Not in the least. The oil prices are subject to the pricing of the commodities market much to the glee and profit of big oil.

We desperately need to elect individuals who will ignore corporate interests and do the right thing. The interests of the majority of people are to provide a better life for each other and for future generations. It is time to put “principles over profits” before it becomes too late.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” — Lord Acton in 1887

“A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling ‘Stop’!” — William F. Buckley

Get off the cell phone and Drive! — Jake Shween